Run Time: 14min   

      By giving meaning to each and every mark on his sculptures Kazuhiro gives meaning to his own life. Experiencing what is behind every wrinkle of time on the human face, transforms a superficial mask into a window to the soul. An invitation to a journey through the traces that make the human face a landscape of curiosity.



     The story unfolds around Kazuhiro Tsuji, how he became amazed by makeup artists and the magic behind the human face. We will see how Kazu, a devoted and contemplative artist, developed on his own the skills that made him able to bring to light the intricacies of the human face through sculptures that show us what is behind the surface.

     Kazu’s chooses to sculpt characters that have an interesting story, who had a struggle and a breakthrough in their life. Abraham Lincoln, Frida Kahlo, Dick Smith, all are people who he looks up to.
British philosopher Alan Watts said that you can talk to people without really meeting them and that we often wear masks. This documentary aims to show that the human face is magnificent and we should look at each face we cross by through our walk in life with curiosity beyond its many marks. The documentary will show that behind the surface lies deep emotions and thoughts, traces of spirit, of a life. An answer to the calling of the awe inspiring question: what lies behind the human face?

     The audience will be taken in a voyage guided by the voice of Gary Oldman expressing how the miniscule details on the surface of a human face are just the tip of the iceberg for us to understand the thoughts and emotions that are hidden underneath. The camera travels through the details on the human face as if flying through a landscape in a poetical and revealing frame of focus. Short interviews with Kazu in his home talking about the characters he portrays and shots of him working on his pieces with a lighting
setup that brings intimacy of the audience with the artist. In this mood the camera will follow him around his studio and other life events that bring us close to his personal life.

     Guillermo Del Toro and other industry artists give commentary on the impressiveness and importance of Kazu’s work. How he makes you look at the human face in a new and exciting way. We see how his creativity made its way through the film industry working on some of the most interesting faces and films in Hollywood. Kazu shares his thoughts behind leaving the film industry and concentrating solely on his sculptures. Commentary about facial features and the landscape of the face. How every wrinkle and line tells a story and is unique to each and every individual. Closing voice over by Gary Oldman about the wonder behind the human face. Until we reach the final scenes of his finished sculptures to understand all that comes up to when a piece is finalized.




     The film is a door into the life of makeup artist and hyperrealistic sculptor Kazuhiro Tsuji. We see how his life mixes with that of his creations. Characters such as Abraham Lincoln and Frida Kahlo, who had breakthroughs in their life, as did Kazu. We learn why he decided to leave the movie industry and concentrate solely on his sculptures.


     Commentary from Gary Oldman and other industry artists touch on the true specialty of Kazuhiro's work, while intimate interviews with the artist tell us what changed along the way.